I’m a preacher serving among Churches of Christ. Most of my life I believed the only way God communicates to us today is through the Bible. Around age 40, my study of scripture led me to change my mind. When I began to pray for God’s specific guidance, my life with the Lord entered a whole new dimension. Listening to His voice shook my world and set my life on an entirely new and unexpected path.

This blog is about having that kind of life—a life of complete surrender to a trustworthy God who will direct your paths, lead you out of the coveted safety of your comfort zone, and draw you ever deeper into a dynamic, interactive friendship with Him. This life is an adventure like no other. It’s ridiculously exciting. It’s constantly challenging. It’s uncomfortably risky. And it’s the most rewarding life you could possibly imagine.

I don’t claim to be an expert at discerning God’s guidance. I’m fairly new at this and there’s plenty I don’t know. But I have learned some valuable lessons in the last five years, including this one: You don’t have to be an expert in order to hear from God.

It’s my prayer that sharing my experience will encourage others, especially those with a background like mine, who are skeptical that such a life is possible or unsure how to find it. If God is willing to lead me, He will lead you. I hope this blog will help get you started.

While my primary focus is on hearing God, I will occasionally venture into the related but broader areas of prayer, spiritual formation, and Christian spirituality.


I was born in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1970. I was a preacher’s kid, the middle of three, and we grew up in conservative Churches of Christ. Quite a few of them. We moved around a good deal, spending time in Tennessee, Alabama, and Oklahoma. But Dad was a cowboy from the Lone Star state, so we always seemed to land back in Texas.

I graduated from high school in Dripping Springs, Texas, and immediately enrolled in the Southwest School of Bible Studies in Austin, where my dad and granddad were both teaching at the time. Following those two years of “preacher training,” I followed my older brother to Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee, graduating with a B.A. in Bible and Philosophy, and a few years later a Master of New Testament degree. That was in 1997.

It was while I was a graduate student at Freed that I met the love of my life, Janel. Aside from being gorgeous, she has more superpowers than I can count. But “the gracious hand of my God was on me,” so we married in 1998.

I’ve served congregations in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana, and now the Lake Orion Church of Christ in Michigan. In 2008 I wrote Facing Our Failure: The Fellowship Dilemma in Conservative Churches of Christ.

Janel and I have four wonderful kids, two daughters and two sons—all born at home. Yep, that’s one of her superpowers.

I love the Smoky Mountains, cool Fall weather, and good BBQ. My favorite activities include reading, writing, traveling, and hanging out with my family. My passion is helping other believers develop a closer relationship with God.

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This is my personal blog. The views expressed here don’t necessarily reflect those of any church I may be working with.